Imagine a place where every variety of furniture is supplied.  A place where you can find the perfect lounge suite, the most audacious dining room table and the most contemporary bedroom suite all under one roof!  Furniture Gallery has an exceptional assortment of furniture that will suit any room and every taste!

Furniture Gallery is unique in its conception.  Our consultants offer a wide range of styles, designs and materials which will allow you to add your own touch of creativity to your piece, thereby enhancing your investment  and making it entirely your own.

We supply exquisite pieces from leading name brands  as well as practical economical brands.  Our insistence on client satisfaction urges us to find that specific dining room suite or settee which you have longed for and desired.  With over seventeen years of experience in the furniture business, Furniture Gallery has gathered a long list of suppliers who help us source out any furniture you require and our consultants are able to track down the furniture you have been unable to find.  We also supply hotels, restaurants, schools, stadiums, hostels and corporates.  Our experienced consultants are able to help you purchase the right furniture according to your specifications and to whatever capacity you need.  No request is too large or too insignificant.  We treat our customers as our family and due to having this reputation we have grown from strength to strength.


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